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Building a truck with custom work and modification in Edmonton has never been easier! If you don’t agree with that, then we bet that you have never been to Winfield Heavy Truck & Collision Repair. It is not just about ownership of a vehicle that sets you and your organization apart – the custom truck will help you get the job done effectively. We can help tailor the trucks to your specific requirements, so you don’t have to compromise any longer! Call us for a free estimate.

From custom paint jobs to adding chrome or modifying exhaust and exterior parts, our auto experts do it all. We agree that it may be difficult to get rare parts that you might want to see in your truck. However, being truck enthusiasts ourselves, we find joy in seeing the wishes of a fellow trucker fulfilled. You can click here to see some of the custom work that we’ve done recently. We hope to see your truck’s picture in that gallery soon!

Custom Truck in Edmonton

Do you want to custom build your heavy vehicle as per your taste and preference?

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